Regular Household Garbage

This service is provided by Rowayton's local government, the Sixth Taxing District

Route #1  Wilson Ave and all streets south, plus the section of Rowayton Ave from the cannon to Cudlipp Street traffic light


Route #2  All remaining streets north of Wilson Ave.



June 1 – September 1 September 1 – May 31
Route#1 – Mondays, Thursdays
Route#2 – Tuesdays, Fridays
Route#1 – Mondays
Route#2 – Tuesdays


Location Curbside by 6 AM. Please bring in garbage cans after they are emptied.


Contents Garbage to be placed in refuse cans or plastic bags.


The district reserves the right not to collect refuse unless it is in cans with tight lids, manageable by one person. 

Residents are urged to compost.


Please Note - Do not mix recyclables with the regular garbage.


This service is provided by the City of Norwalk.  The City contracts out recycling services out to City Carting. For more information on recycling, please call 203-854-3200  


Each property is provided with a large wheeled bin.  Extra bins can be purchased from the City.  These bins are to be wheeled to the curb and recycled materials do not need to be separated.


Rowayton's collection day is Tuesday


What can you recycle?
Please look at this updated list of the items that can and cannot be recycled. If you have questions, contact City of Norwalk Customer Service 203-854-3200 or When in doubt, do not put in your blue bin.
Norwalk. Guide to Recycling. Whats In Wh
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Leaf and Brush Pick Up

This service is provided by Rowayton's local government, the Sixth Taxing District.


Leaves, brush and small branches can be placed in brown paper leaf bags or in garbage cans.  Piles will not be picked up.


Pick up is now year round unless there are major snow storms.  Our pick up day is on Wednesday.


Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Norwalk and neighboring towns have Household Hazardous Waste Days starting in the Spring.  We will post a schedule once it has been issued.