Welcome to Rowayton 6th Taxing District

The date for the 6TD's Annual Meeting is set by our Charter.  This will take place on Wednesday March 3, 2021 at 730 PM.  This meeting will be held via Zoom.


The link is as follows:




Meeting ID: 929 2327 3315


Passcode: 613382


At the Annual Meeting, residents will (1) receive a review our our audited 19/20 financial results; (2) get an update of our year to date 20/21 financial results; and (3) be presented with a proposal for our 21/22 budget which all residents will be able to vote on.

Old School Field Fence

The Sixth Taxing District (6TD), Rowayton’s local government, would like to thank everyone who participated in the January 13th vote regarding the guidelines for the Old School Field Fence.  There were 641 votes cast: 438 for Option #1 and 203 for Option #2.


The fence has returned to its traditional use.  The 6TD re-installed the panels for the Rowayton Civic Association, the Rowayton Library and the Rowayton Arts Center. 


The guidelines for the use of the Old School Field Fence can be found on our website at Event Promotion Guidelines - Official Website of Rowayton 6th Taxing District (r6td.com)  



Please check our new tab "Past Monthly Newsletter Eblasts" for information on the 6TD's response to the pandemic and a list of resources. The 6TD offices are closed but our employees are working remotely. The Community Center is now open on a case-by-case basis.



Our properties

  • Pinkney Park
  • Bayley Beach
  • Rowayton Community Center
  • Rowayton Arts Center
  • Rowayton Train Station & parking
  • Ambler Municipal Parking Lot


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