Train Station

The Sixth Taxing District operates the parking lots at the Rowayton Train Station on behalf of the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation under a long-term lease. The eastbound and westbound lots have a total of 330 parking spaces. Commuters can pay for parking either by monthly permit or by paying for daily parking.  There is a wait list for permits.  All parking spaces are available to permit holders and daily parkers alike on a first come-first served basis.


Details on parking permits, daily parking, and violations is provided below.




·         New permits and permit renewals are handled online through a web site hosted by Parkmobile.

·         Permits are issued and valid for a calendar month but commuters have the option of setting up their Parkmobile account to be renewed and be paid for automatically (e.g., like EZ Pass refills) by authorizing a recurring online payment each month with a credit or debit card.

·         License plates are used for enforcement. Permit holders can register up to five license plates on a single permit but only one of those license plates can be in the lot at the same time.  Commuters can also add and later delete a temporary license plate (such as a dealer loaner car) as one of their five license plates.

·         There is a wait list for permits and an online application must be completed to have your name placed on the list. Once you have successfully applied, there is nothing further to do until you receive an email from Parkmobile indicating a permit is available and requesting that you set up your payment card information and authorize the payment.

·         The link to the Rowayton Train Station Permit site is provided below.




Daily Parking

·         All daily parking is for a day or multiple days, not a 24-hour period or multiple 24-hour periods.  In other words, a payment made at 11 AM is valid until midnight that day, not 10:59 AM the next day.

·         To pay for daily parking, commuters can use either the pay station near the ticket machines at the station house or the Parkmobile smartphone app which can be downloaded from the App Store.

·         The pay station and the smart phone app know what day it is and that parking is free on weekends.  If, for example, you pay for 5 days on Thursday morning, your vehicle can be parked through the following Wednesday night.

·         There is no need to display a receipt on your vehicle as enforcement will be based on license plates.

·         The daily parking fee is $7.00, however, there a $0.35 fee is added for transactions done through the Parkmobile smartphone app. The $0.35 transaction fee is per transaction whether the transaction is paying for one day’s parking or five. 

·         All lined parking spaces will be available to daily parkers and permit holders on a first-come, first-served basis; any area that is not lined is a No Parking Zone.

·         Details on using the Pay Station (outside Station House):

      The Pay Station will accept cash, credit cards and debit cards.

      Simply enter your license plate number, the number of days you wish to park (up to a limit of 14 days) and pay with cash, a credit card or a debit card. 

      NOTE:  The Pay Station will not give either bill or coin change.  In other words, paying for a single day with a $10 bill will result in a $10 charge even though the daily fee is $7

·         Details on using the Parkmobile smartphone app:

      Daily parking can also be paid for using the Parkmobile app on a smartphone, however, a $0.35 fee is added for each transaction.

      Download the Parkmobile app from the App Store for iPhone, Android, or Windows and create an account using your license plate number and a credit or debit card.

      The Rowayton Railroad Station is Zone 2266 on the Parkmobile app.

      Simply enter zone number 2266, your license plate and the numbers of days you wish to park.

      It is important to pay using the smart phone app as soon as possible after you park to avoid a violation if the enforcement crew makes their rounds shortly after you park.


Violations and Towing

·         Parking is enforced Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 4 PM except on US Federal holidays and weekends when parking is free.

·         Tickets will be issued to vehicles for the following reasons:  1) Parking not paid 2) Occupying two spaces, 3) Parked in no parking area and 4) Parked in a handicap space without a permit.

·         Except for parking in a handicap zone without a permit, all violations will be $25 and a late fee of $10 will be imposed on payments not received within 30 days.

·         Tickets for parking in a handicap zone without a handicap permit are handled by the Norwalk police Department can will result in fines of $100 or more.

·         All tickets must be paid online.  To Pay online click here:


·         The District has a towing policy which may result in a vehicle with more than two unpaid ticket being towed if one of those tickets was issued at least 30 days ago.

·         Signs displaying the location and phone number to call for towed vehicles are displayed in the lots.


If you have any questions, please contact the District at