If you are interested in renting one of the 6TD facilities, please see the PDFs below.  We ask you to complete a questionnaire and review the pricing and rule sheets for each of our respective properties.  You can check our calendar (another page on our website) to check out availability.


If you have any questions regarding facilities rentals, please contact Bill Nollman bnollman@Rowayton6TD.com or call 203-854-6666 extension 9

Sixth Taxing District Questionnaire
Please fill out this form if you are interested in renting any of Rowayton's local government's facilities
Sixth TD Questionnaire.2023[14584].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 111.3 KB

Rowayton Community Center

Community Center Pricing[14581].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 49.8 KB
Community Center Application & Rules.202
Adobe Acrobat Document 375.7 KB

Bayley Beach

Bayley Beach Pricing.2023[14579].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 46.6 KB
Bayley Beach Application & Rules.2023[14
Adobe Acrobat Document 277.4 KB

Pinkney Park

Pinkney Park Pricing 2023[14583].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 39.7 KB
Pinkney Park Application & Rules.2023[14
Adobe Acrobat Document 301.8 KB