The following are guidelines for local non profit organizations to promote their non commercial events.  To contact the 6TD with questions, thoughts, and requests send to


Lawn Signs

  • Placing signs on public property is in violation of City of Norwalk ordinances and should be avoided.
  • If necessary to use signs, please keep it to two weeks prior to event, please don’t inundate the community with an overabundance of signs, and please retrieve signs once the event is over.

Rowayton Avenue Banner

  • The 6TD has a schedule and can give access to all groups via Google Doc. Please send requests to
  • Banners can be hung up 3 weeks leading into an event.
  • If 2 groups want the same timing, we will need to figure out an equitable solution
  • The cost of producing the banner and hanging the banner is covered by the organization promoting the event.
  • The 6TD recommends using one tree company to use - Larry Brown - we believe he charges $225 to hang a banner. 
  • The 6TD will not be involved, except to maintain the schedule and monitor that groups are abiding by guidelines

Old School Fence

  • The Old School Fence can be used for local announcements, local events, and local promotions. No political signs, opinion based messaging, or commercial signs.
  • Given the limited space, the fence will be for Rowayton residents and Rowayton organizations only
  • We ask that users send a note to when they put up a sign for events and personal messages. This is so the 6TD knows who owns the sign, and we can monitor the length of time it is being hung.
  • Promotion for events can go up to 4 weeks prior to event, but we ask it is taken down immediately after the event is over.
  • For personal messages, (congrats, happy birthday, welcome home type signs), we ask that they are up for no more than 2 weeks.
  • 6TD will monitor this to ensure signs don’t overstay their welcome.

Email Newsletter

  • The 6TD has an email list to disseminate information to the entire town - we currently have 4500 active email addresses
  • Blasts are typically 2x per month and will be used as needed to quickly get a message out to the community. 
  • Besides 6TD info dissemination, it can be used by local non profits to promote their events
  • Groups that want to use the blast need to send a request to with 30 words of unformatted copy, a high resolution JPEG or PNG, and a link to a website for more information. We don't have the time to format the copy or search for links or images.
  • All requests for use of blast will be reviewed by the 6TD to ensure it for non commercial use...and for Rowayton/Norwalk based orgs.